What to Expect

Our Services:

9:30 AM- Life Group Classes

We have 3 Adult Classrooms ranging from Senior Adults and 2 other Adult Classes.

College and Career Class 

We have a youth Class, Children's, and Nursery.

When you enter into the side of the church from the side door you will turn right. The Restrooms are located in the hallway. The Children's Ministry wing is located when you enter the facility. 

The Youth Wing is located in the middle building and the Adult's Facility is at the end of the hallway when you enter the door.

The College and Career Class is located in the Main Building.

10:30 AM- We have our worship service with Contemporary Worship Service and Preaching from the Word of God.

After the Worship service the Children will go to Children's Church to learn about Jesus.

Nursery will be available every Sunday Morning during both Services.


Midweek (Wednesday Night) - 6:30 PM

Adult and Youth Bible Study ( Both services are walking through the Discipleship Path)

Our Children Service Midweek is Led by Bridget Gilley and Amy Slaughter.

Aleya Gilley leads our Youth Midweek Service.

Exodus Study is Our Current Study in 2024.